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Advanced Video Surveillance archives search Engine for security applications

ADVISE is an innovative research project co-funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), aiming at providing national and local law enforcement authorities with an innovative tool for supporting them in following the criminal act trails, recorded by existing video surveillance system archives. 
For demonstrating the potentiality of the tool, two pilots have been designed, aiming at addressing different needs and tracing different kind of events. Both of them and the ADVISE framework have been developed following a PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) approach, ensuring the compliance with the privacy and ethical rules.
The first pilot has been addressed to the Police of Madrid's needs, one of the partners of the project, and aims at supporting law enforcement authorities in their investigations in tracing criminal acts occurred in public streets. This demonstrator is capable to detect events occurred in certain place and time and related to:
  • Street fight (Beat and Run Away);
  •  Theft (Pick Pocketing).
          The second pilot has been conceived by Almaviva, one of the partners of the project, for addressing the needs of a public transportation organisation (Azienda Mobilit√† e Trasporti (AMT), Genova - Italy). The pilot aims at empowering the security systems of organisations whose facilities are already provided with video surveillance systems, hence at supporting investigators in detecting and tracing criminal events occurred in such facilities at a certain time and recorded by the existing surveillance systems. The events detected are related to:          
  • Vandalism against Parked Vehicles and Company Walls;
  • Stealing of Fuel
                The following figure, representing a screenshot of the first pilot, shows the analysis of a specific event in a certain area of the city.
The two ADVISE pilots will be presented at the second ADVISE workshop organised in Athens in the second half of the 2014. Moreover, the functionalities available in the first pilot are presented in a demo video available at the address: