The goal of SINTESYS (Security and INTelligence SYSstem) is to study, define and develop new technologies for the realization of an innovative integrated system which can analyse, plan, investigate 'open' multi-modal (text, images, video, audio, ...) data sources (OSINT - Open Source INTelligence) in an integrated, coherent and consistent way, in order to discover the presence of links, relationships, connections which the disjointed evaluation of individual sources would not be able to highlight, and thus to give an important contribution to the management of homeland security in terms of Decision Support System.

SINTESYS will be - not exclusively - directed to analysts who work in institutional sectors, supporting them in the most advanced Intelligence processes through collection, processing, analysis and distribution of information.

For this purpose, SINTESYS will use and combine techniques, technologies and innovative models for sound analysis, image recognition, movie recognition, social network analysis, text mining, human computer interaction, cognitive psychology, along with models and techniques for information fusion and artificial intelligence

SINTESYS will also establish new models and innovative techniques (e.g. based on quantum mechanics) to analyse the social dynamics within groups and communities, in order to provide the genesis and the flow of hidden information which may be of importance for security issues. It will pay attention on social interaction environment like chat, forum, blogs, e-mail thread, facebook, twiiter, you tube, etc. Web and Social media will be the principal informative sources to analyse in order to identify terrorist organizations and criminals. 

SINTESYS platform makes available to security experts a set of tools and fexible and configurable graphic intefarces in order to make efficient and fleet the information analisys.

The Consortium is composed by companies, research institutions and universities with pluriannual experience in the project field.